How To: Vegan Brunch-2 Easy Recipes!

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Here are two easy vegan breakfast recipes to wow your friends 🙂 Hope you get a chance to try! More breakfast stuff–
Easy Banana Nut Muffins:
Easy Pancake Recipe:
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Tofu Scamble: The seasoning is up to you-be sure to taste it as you cook, I like mine more on the bland side and then I mix the avocado in and sweet potatoes and it’s great. The turmeric is just for the color–too much can make it taste gross.

French Toast: Half can of coconut milk
-splash of vanilla extract
-dash of cinnamon
-1 banana
-dallop of maple syrup
-french toast bread (I used a hearty wheat bread)

Interested in Veganism? Watch FORKS OVER KNIVES on Netflix–this is how my vegan journey began…

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If you care about animals
Watch Earthlings:


Emma Prinny says:

Looks so good!

Carla Profeta says:

Hi! I just found you here on youtube and I'm watching all your videos! You're a very nice person! I loved the Brazilian music in the end … because I'm Brazilian hahaha
I just switch to a plant-based diet and I'm doing multiple searches over the Internet. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry for any mistakes on the writting!

Debbie George says:

You're a nice vegan, not negative and mean like Vegan Gains.

NaturallySweetVegan says:

That French toast looks delicious, have to try it sometime! Thanks for sharing 😀

bestbee4 says:

Awesome video!!! Perfect timing I have a brunch next week 😁😁😁😁

Vegan Dog Lady says:

Everything looks delicious!  Every time I try making french toast, it sticks to my pan!  I always end up sticking it in the oven :/

Laura Oliver says:

Wowww! You weren't messing around with the French toast! It looks so good 🙂

Bill Henry Band says:

I love the moving camera angles 😉 looks great!! @behealthybehappy

T. Helene Massie says:

This video make me so happy :))) one of those little fun social or special occasion things you sometimes forget to make happen when you're trying to eat healthier, and you just made it so look so easy and fun!Thank you so much!!

I've been thinking of making whole wheat vegan biscuits with raw strawberry and chia seed jam. The French toast is ingenious btw 😊

Ale says:

Everything looks great :)) hope to see more meal prep videos in the near future ☺️✨

Chris Guilfoyle says:

Right there with you with the Lacroix and the OJ… except I might add one more thing do it that may or may not derive from potatoes…….

Ashleybrooke83085 says:

That's looks sooo wonderful!! I love your cooking videos

TheAccessoryGirl says:

Both recipes look great, TFS!!

Cheap Lazy Vegan says:

Frickin love tofu scramble.

Cat On Point says:

Wow! That is s truly fabulous meal!

Habitat for Happiness says:

Looks delicious! I have not made french toast in so long. Now I want to!

Steph's LifeStyle Corner says:

This looks wonderful! I'll definitely be trying the french toast! And I love the idea of the sparkling water with the orange juice, it's such a simple idea to make fizzy drink, but I never thought of it before! <3 your channel! Take care.

The Veggie Nut says:

Looks great! I actually like putting a lot of turmeric in my tofu "eggs", I love the taste and it's super good for you 🙂

Igsvt says:

Thanks for the recipes. I was looking for a new way to cook tofu.

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